Comments policy

  1. All users have the right to add a comment to the articles located on the website.
  2. Bien Magazine is not responsible for the contents of the comments. When requested by the governing bodies we will disclose the user information if the user is in breach of point 5.
  3. All comments are moderated and we withhold the right to only publish selected comments.
  4. Users can freely share information, opinions and comments with exception of the ones listed in point 5. Users are fully responsible for the contents of their comments.
  5. It is unacceptable to add comments which:
    • Use swear words
    • Affect social rules
    • Promote violence, racism, religious hatred or are in other way unacceptable
    • Contain adverts of products or services
    • Contain pornography or vulgar language
    • Promote alcohol, drugs or other substances
    • Include links to other websites
    • Offend public figures or other users taking part in a discussion
    • Are in breach of the copyright law
    • Are not related to the topic of the article
    • Are written only in capital letters
    • Contain a long line of punctuation
    • Contain offending contents or threats against Bien Magazine
  6. The administrator holds the right to remove any comments that are in breach of the policy without notifying the user.
  7. The administrator can put the ability to comment on hold without giving a specific reason to the user.
  8. The administrator can delete or moderate any comments or change the rules for adding them and their verification process.