Living in a toxic relationship is a real horror – try to set yourself free with this relationship advice for women and men

How to free yourself from a toxic relationship

Some people are stuck in toxic relationships for years. They are tired, but they don’t completely realise why they are unhappy. In a toxic relationship, partners or a partner takes pleasure in tormenting the other person. Someone like this humiliates, makes life difficult and hurts at every opportunity, although a toxic relationship is not always full of loud aggression. It often involves dosing spite and cruelty, belittling one's role in the relationship, their virtues, work, taunt their actions and mistakes. Such psychological violence is often much more dangerous and more difficult to discover. Therefore, the victims of toxic relationships generally agree to live with their abuser. Bien Magazine explores the topic.

How do you recognise a toxic relationship

If you constantly have to give up your own goals and dreams, if you do not develop yourself, because your partner will not allow it, or they destroy your self-esteem, this is one of the signs that you are living in a toxic relationship. If the other person gives you the feeling that you are worthless, if the desires of your partner are always more important, if you feel that your every step is controlled, it means that your relationship needs a prompt resuscitation. If you continuously lie to the other person, explaining your choices or actions, because you are afraid of their reaction, it means that you need to quickly do something with your life.

Fear of change and waiting for a miracle

People are stuck for entire decades in appalling, toxic relationships and cannot find the strength to end a marriage or a relationship, which is nothing but a continuous torment. You cannot expect that a miracle will fix the situation, because nothing will change, it will only get worse. You also cannot listen to all people around you, family or friends who may try to prove you are exaggerating, that it could be worse. You need to assume that it can always be better. And that's what you aim for.

Do you want to get rid of the mental predator?

You need to decide whether you end a toxic relationship once and for all, also on your own terms, or you will try to fix it with your partner. You have to decide which path is best for you, whether you will not take another day like this or if there are a chance to improve the situation. The worst is, if you feel that your life would not get better and the role of the victim suits you. Then, unfortunately, there is no hope for you, because you do not want to fight for a better life.

If you need to distance yourself and have time to think, take a trip somewhere, change the environment, the surroundings, move away from the person with whom you are living in a toxic relationship. The best thing is to be apart for a minimum of two weeks, in this time the emotions will fade and you will gain perspective. Your objective voice and common sense will be heard.


Author: Bien Magazine

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