Sometimes discounts are just a way to take advantage of customer’s naivety

Beware of the discounts!

Each time the sale time comes, people go completely insane. Some discounts reach up to 70%, which may seem quite impressive. A lot of people think that only a fool would miss out on an opportunity like this. However, many retailers are aware that many of us stop thinking logically in such situations. In many cases, a word “discount” is just a bait for naïve customers.

Watch carefully

Make sure that a product which is off 50%, didn't  have a similar price in the past. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s very difficult, or even impossible to check. Nevertheless, don’t trust the prices too much. In many cases, a discount is just a trick.

It also happens that a bargain has never been a bargain at all. This is because the shop service “forgot” to remove information about the discount.

Look closely at products’ expiration dates, especially if they can go bad quickly. Sometimes discounts regard products with an expiration date that is about to pass, or, what’s even worse, has already passed.

Look out for middle shelves

Try focusing on the upper, as well as the lower shelves. Most people usually don’t look there. Products which are placed on middle shelves are in everybody’s sight and retailers hope to sell them as quick as possible. It’s also unfair that they usually cost more than products which are placed below, as well as above them. This is even when they’re decorated with a magical caption “SALE.”

A fake sale

Try not to fall under a pressure of a sale. Check out the prices of particular products online. You may learn that a discounted price in one store, is a regular price in three different stores. No law says that retailers can’t increase a price and then suddenly decrease it to its regular level for no particular reason. However, the problem is that such actions deceive customers.

This is why you shouldn’t trust sales. At the end of the day, it’s all about retailers’ profit and not your benefit. It’s a good idea to go shopping with a shopping list and sticking to it. This way you’ll find it much easier not to fall for bargains that very often are fake.


Author: Bien Magazine

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