Women's magazines online advise, there are many ways to save much money on minor everyday expenses

Ideas for decreasing your monthly expenses

There's nothing pleasant in saving. Maybe that's why so few people like it. Saving involves limitations and sacrifices. Nevertheless, you can spend the money that you've managed to save on your fantasies. This makes things definitely more pleasant and worth the effort. Here some small savings tips. 

Method 1 check out the prices

You should make a detailed research regarding your daily shopping. Prices of each product differ drastically in particular stores. Experts claim that prices of the same groceries bought in different stores can differ by approximately GBP 10. Multiply this value by all your daily shopping you make during one year and you'll be surprised how much you can save.

Method 2 - discounts

It happens that the supermarket price policy is dishonest. If you look closely at price tags, you may come to a conclusion that an overpriced product used to be cheaper before its discount. There are cases in which a tag with a promotional price covers up the original tag... with a lower price.

Discounts may also chase you into a trap of buying things you don't need. The fact of a decreased price alone is sufficient to focus your attention on a particular product. Advertisement experts know that it's the easiest method to attract customers.

Method 3 buy only the most important things

When you go shopping, you should have a precisely made shopping list. Don't listen to a little voice in your head that tells you it's unnecessary. It only takes a few minutes to make it and it will protect you from unreasonable shopping.

What's interesting is that experts claim that you should not go shopping on an empty stomach! This way you don't feel the need of buying several products to fill your stomach with empty calories.

Method 4 off-season shopping

You can save huge amounts of money on buying winter clothes during summer and vice versa. Many online stores offer amazing discounts, which sometimes reach even 70%. In such cases, you shouldn't hesitate whether to buy or not.

Method 5 save on petrol

Go to work by bus, if you have such an option. Your children can also use public transport on their way to school. This will save you much money on petrol. Buying a monthly ticket can generate even larger savings.


Author: Bien Magazine

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