Online dating advice, be both attractive and unavailable at the same time

How to get a guy?

In order for a man to lose his mind for you and think only how to get you, you have to know a little bit about what particularly attracts the opposite sex. What kind of behaviours induce in men the indomitable desire to put the world on its head and get the desired woman?

The swooning glances thrown from half-closed eyes and sensual biting of the lip will not be enough. Those are very simple and banal signals that make him understand that you are interested in him. The problem is that men read it unambiguously - "I want to go to bed with you". But if you really want to get a guy, make him go crazy for you, your strategy must be more complex. Bien Magazine can help with this. 

Keep him for a long time or forever

Often, women make a big mistake - they open up before a man they just met and, on the basis of the feeling that they found their soul mate, they immediately go to bed with him. And on this, to her despair, all the great love story ends because he neither calls nor receives her phone calls. Why? Because such a woman is not, unfortunately, attractive for him. It is the same as if the antelope came to the lion, lay down before him and said, "buon apettite." This situation is the same. The man, who somewhere deep in his nature is a hunter, did not have to try to get his prey. What satisfaction came of it? And what pleasure?

Be unavailable

Nothing works so well for a man, than the fact that the woman he has chosen seems to be inaccessible. You have to let him work a little on this using a rather perfidious method. Be nice, make the impression of being interested, intrigued by him and when he feels more confident, move away and turn back into an inaccessible princess. You will make his desire burn within him. The more a man will have to fight for you, the more he will appreciate you. It works the same as achieving an important life goal!

First phone call, first meeting

Under no circumstances should you call first. Let him make the move. And when he finally gets to it, be... busy. Finish the conversation fairly quickly and at the first meeting, leave before the matters take on more a heated turn. Leave a great deal of longing behind you. Let him want more.

Talk about yourself in superlatives

Absolutely do not show him at the beginning of your relationship any of your weaknesses, infirmities, defects, do not reveal complexes and do not talk about what torments or scares you. Nothing like that! You are a real superhero, attractive, busy, full of life and a woman desired by crowds. Such a woman is certainly awe-inspiring, but also becomes the object of desire, a worthy trophy. The man will want you and the more you resist, encourage and then resist again, this way the more desirable you will be. Tempt, encourage, play with him and his emotions a little - but subtly and with tact. You have to remember that you are dealing with another person, you cannot hurt them.

Analyse, see, think

But beyond all that has been written, you must constantly analyse the situation and ask yourself whether the man with whom you are having so much fun with is actually worthy of your interest. Do you have much in common? Is there only a fascination that will end with the end of the game and mutual play?


Author: Bien Magazine

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