Bring your fluffy friend to your date - relationship tips and advice

Dating with cats and dogs

There are dating websites, which allow their users to mark whether they are dog lovers or cat lovers. Statistics show that approximately 80% of dog owners would never end up in a relationship with a cat person. Nevertheless, cat lovers are even more orthodox towards this topic. Bien Magazine explores this matter.

If you wanna be my lover, you've got to accept my pet

People who are emotionally attached to their pets want their life partner to fully accept their four-legged friend. This is a reasonable concept.

However, a pet in a relationship may appear to be a huge problem. Many couples break up because of pets. People may not be aware that dating a pet owner also means dating their animal – regardless of whether it's a cat, a dog or a spider. This situation is bound to result in a confrontation. What to do when it does?

The idea of matchmaking with the use of house pets came to Europe from the United States. This country has many of successful dating websites, which use this pattern. The idea seems to have clicked. Everybody who has experienced a sudden clash with their potential partner's pet knows, how serious this problem is.

Dating website for dogs

Since pet owners have the right to choose their life partner, why can't dogs do that too? Americans have created a dating website for dogs (matchpuppy).

However, it appeared that the website is significantly more popular among dog owners, who wish to find their soul mate, rather than canines themselves. Nevertheless, this is loads of fun for everybody. The number of animals registered on the website continues to grow. Another thing which is increasing is the number of relationships of dog owners, who have met through the website.

It also appears that many happy dog families have been created thanks to the website. Of course, there were dog weddings and the lucky couples are now parents of healthy and joyful puppies.

In time, the American website has ceased only to be a dating website. It has become a place for dog lovers, who share their experiences, go out for walks in the New York parks together or throw birthday parties for their pets.

This is definitely a great idea for those who are shy. They have an opportunity to meet other people who love animals, thanks to their dog.


Author: Bien Magazine

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