women's magazines online - a date in the woods will be a great adventure for those who love nature but in turn will tire and bore a city lover

Date in the woods - a tiny survival

If you love wandering through the woods, you appreciate magical silence, you cannot imagine a week without hiking, you should, what can I say, go on dates with women who have similar tastes. You will not really click with a woman, who in turn cannot imagine a week without parties, and she does not leave the house without polished up makeup and high heels.

Discover secrets of a new place together

The basic thing is resolved. We assume that your chosen one will happily accept the idea of ​​a date in the forest. That she will gladly put on trekking shoes and take a backpack with a packed lunch.

Now the next issue – you have those unique date ideas, but how to make a date out of the walk through the woods? It is down to you to plan it. You have to find a place in the forest, which is really breathtaking. Perhaps it will be some extraordinary glade, covered from edge to edge with flowers? Or a lovely, relaxing murmuring stream? Small waterfall splashing drops the colours of rainbow? There are many magical places like that in the woods, you just have to choose one.

Take care of a little fun

So the date does not turn into a "guided walk",  you do not have to lead your lady by the hand, showing her the way, make sure the element of fun is there. You can establish a system of signs, which will allow your date to be involved in the adventure. Your role will be marginal, you will only be used, if necessary, as a helping hand, to help you happily reach your destination.

A meal in the forest

If you both know the plants, you can offer a meal prepared by yourself, which will consist of fruits and mushrooms found through the forest on your journey. Of course, you can shine and take out from your backpack an entire box of treats. The surprise will be greater.

Do not force anyone to a date in the forest

At the end, however, we will have to return to what was indicated in the introduction. Do not make your chosen one to go on a date in the forest, if she does not especially like nature. If she is a typical city girl, she may not be happy with such a date.


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