A date in a water park will show that you're a fun person, Bien Magazine advises

A wet date

Back in the days, a date at a swimming pool was a great way to spend time for couples who like water. Today, however, it seems quite dull. This is because there are many more options. Moreover, they include tons of actions. We're talking about water parks. These places are perfect for those who love water and wish to go on an exciting “wet” date. Here you will find some unique date ideas.

For those less active

Every water park has a space for those who wish to sit in water or get a water massage and talk, talk, talk. Many of these spaces are perfectly designed. They have amazing wall paintings, ravishing plants and sometimes even real waterfalls that can intensively massage your arms or your neck.

For those who love action

Couples who wish to spend time in a more active way should try slides. Water parks have tons of them and they are very diversified. There are long slides, short slides, high slides, etc. You can also find slides which allow two people to use them, at the same time. Want to go down a slide on a dinghy? Some water parks have that too. Slides give you loads of fun, regardless of their type.

There are also water slides that can take you into an enchanted world. This is because of their colourful lights that make the whole experience even more amazing. If you're looking for something more extreme, you should try slides with many rough curves. And if that's not enough, some water parks have vertical slides. They end with a deep water pit, so this should be sufficiently exciting for you.

Sea waves and volcanoes

There are water parks with systems that create really high sea waves. We've also been to places which have a huge jaccuzzi shaped like a volcano. Moreover, it has a nozzle that ejaculates foaming water. The addition of orange light gives you the impression that it's a real lava.

How about a water park with sharks?

There are facilities that give you an opportunity to go down a slide which has a shark aquarium at the end. Of course, the sharks are behind a special glass. Nevertheless, some people may find this experience disturbing. But, why shouldn't you try this yourself?


Author: Bien Magazine

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