Personal development top tip - Completing one task from start to finish, without distraction, brings great results

What is the effect of doing 10 things at the same time?

When you are attempting to complete an important task and at the same time checking Facebook, listening to engaging music and answering e-mails, you can very easily say that the completion of the important task did not happen. Which means it is bad! The only thing that comes out of this multitasking will be stress, irritation with the whole world, discouragement and a feeling that you are worthless, because you can not cope with your tasks.

Bien Magazine understands there is a mistaken belief that doing many things at once saves you time. There is no truth in this. It is, unfortunately, quite the opposite.

Concentrating on one thing – you are efficient

Researchers have found that by shifting attention away from one task, then moving it to another and then another one and repeating this over and over again will reduce your efficiency by up to 40%! This is a huge drop. And not only this – but if you have to do something difficult or new that requires maximum attention and other things distract you, the decline is even greater. You see now, what a nonsense belief it is to multitask and to achieve more things. In actual fact, nothing will happen.

The solution is trivial - start one task, finish it and start on something else. And that is it. The world will not fall apart if you respond to an e-mail in an hour and not immediately.

By doing one thing, you are happier

If you concentrate from the beginning to the end on one task, you feel an increase in positive energy (sometimes, unfortunately, the problem is so complicated that it brings you a lot of stress at the start, but in turn defeating this task gives you a lot more satisfaction). Focus on one thing and experience the pleasure of enjoying the moment. This applies both to work and to any other activity. Play with your child, whilst knowingly turning off your phone. Have the other people wait until you are done spending time together.

Keep up the good work

In order to carry out your tasks smoothly, from start to finish, a number of simple rules needs to be implemented. You know the first one. Another assumes that you do not have to respond immediately to every call or e-mail that get you out of the rhythm of work. Finish what you are doing, or - if it is a long and laborious task - take a break from it. Take some time out to relax, pay attention to matters that need to be resolved in quite a short time.

Be sure to remember that the brain needs moments of "breathing space" from the task that occupies it. Make a break after a set time. And cling to it - action, pause, action, pause. This way you will work much more efficiently. You have our word!

Check your progress, see if you are not creeping back to multitasking, or if your old habits do not sneak into your new life. Even if you have one million jobs, you have to do them one by one. It is best to start with the hardest. When you have them out of your head, the rest seem much nicer than they actually are.


Author: Bien Magazine

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