Bien Magazine, although happy – Wedding preparations and the wedding day can be very stressful

Premarital stress

It turns out that what is meant to be such a wonderful and joyful day, gives up to 98% of newlyweds terrible stress. You could say that this is the fault of rushed party arrangements or a hasty decision to get married. Nothing could be further from the truth. This stress affects everyone, even people who are together for many years, who, and only after surviving many good and bad times decide to legalise the relationship.

List of the most important premarital activities

Bien Magazine advises- to avoid arguments, not to threaten calling off the wedding and to avoid death every 5 minutes, you need to create a logical, well laid out schedule, which will precisely determine where, when and what  you will need to deal with.

Involve your family and friends in preparations to relieve you from the numerous stressful duties.

Rely on the professionals

If your budget allows it, pass the organization of the wedding on to specialists who will take the whole obligation off your shoulders. If you do not have that kind of money, get advice from those who are professionally involved in the creation of weddings, they will certainly be able to advise you what to do and in what order.

Exercise to relieve tension

Exercise can be a wonderful ailment to help relieve premarital stress. During this turbulent period definitely join the gym, do yoga, go swimming, horse riding, skating, skiing, do anything to help your body relax. In its wake will follow emotions. During physical exercise your body releases the hormone of happiness.

You can also perform breathing exercises, listen to relaxing music, have a spa day and, above all, don’t drive yourself crazy, don’t stress and don’t worry about all of the possible things that can go wrong at the wedding.

Talk with your loved ones

Women like to offload stress by talking; they should assign a quality time to chat with friends or parents and those who are willing to listen, without aggression, to their prenuptial dilemmas, stresses and adventures.

Do not put off important decisions

It is difficult to establish what are the most important things to take care of at the beginning and leave the easiest and most trivial things to the end. The absolute necessities you need to begin with are to arrange a wedding venue, church, or time in the office, the music and catering, etc. Try to make sure the closer to the wedding, the less important issues remain outstanding.


Author: Bien Magazine

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