relationship tips for women and men, learn how to deserve love and find it

Can you learn to be ready for love?

How is it that some people just attract partners into their lives and others are still lonely? Is it true that some people do not deserve love? As we wrote in previous texts, it is, of course, not true. Nevertheless - to find the right partner, you have to have a good attitude towards the whole endeavour. If you do not have it and you do not believe in your chance to be lucky in love, we can comfort you here - you can learn all of this following our relationship advice for women and men. You just have to develop a number of positive beliefs that will give your brain a clear signal that you are ready for love.

A lot of positive thinking

First rule - you have to think positively. Mainly about yourself, about your world and your talents. If you consider yourself worthy of respect and love, people will feel it. But this feeling must be very sincere and true. When you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you do not blame yourself for making mistakes; when you value, like or even love yourself - you are on your way to finding love.

The second issue connected with positive thinking is about your expectations of the relationship. Always imagine it in the most optimistic form as you can. Your subconscious will, over time, adapt to the images shown to it. And the fact that it does not distinguish the truth from the imagination, it will strive to place a dream partner in your path.

Heal emotional wounds

Before you create a new, good future, you have to heal everything that was bad so far, which bothered you and prevented you from moving forward. This, unfortunately, often is not a nice process, which consists of careful analysis of the past, experiencing once again all the bad things that happened to you or what you did. But it is a necessary process. You have to forgive yourself and other people for all the wrongdoing, cruelty and lack of understanding. You also have to forgive yourself for life's mistakes, treat them as perfect because they gave you experience. So - you are facing a change of nature, old habits, the way you think about yourself and the world. Only when you do this, you move on. Look for love.

Repeat life's wisdom

To support your decision to re-create yourself as a person worthy of being loved, repeat to yourself, like a mantra, those words well-known for centuries. Be aware of them fully, feel them as yours. Repeat them until they are actually yours. Say that:

- You deserve love, because every human is made to love and be loved,

- If you have not found a real partner yet, you can change it because your life is in your own hands,

- Every day you develop and change your nature, you open up to people and new experiences,

- Every day you look for love and it is looking for you,

- You have the right to create a happy and lasting relationship.


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