Healthy lifestyle for children - Child who does not like getting dressed needs more attention

Dressing the baby is sometimes a problem

Buying cute, tiny clothes for a child is always a great pleasure. They are pleasant to the touch, colorful and charming because of their size. But here often, unfortunately, this stage of pleasure ends because the toddler does not want to dress under any circumstances. He may not like the outfit or for some reason just not appeal to him. Here some tips for child care and dressing your baby.

There are children who love to be naked, this way nothing hurts or restricts them. Kids like that can do, quite literally, everything, to not get dressed. They defend themselves very effectively, by  waving their arms and legs. What do you do if your child does not like to dress? How do you convince them to dress?

Buy comfortable clothing

When a child does not like to get dressed, you will have to try harder to change their attitude to clothes. First of all, with the utmost care you have to choose the right clothes – perhaps extremely soft, cotton, comfortable and properly sewn. They need to be slightly on the large side, not too tight to the toddler’s body. Nor can they have any frills that would stiffen them, or make them uncomfortable.

So - if you have a child who dislikes being dressed, you have to, unfortunately, say goodbye to the pleasure of buying what you like and put your child's needs above your aesthetic tastes.

What else to avoid?

Remove tags which can rub or even hurt your baby's delicate skin. You can also buy clothes with special soft tags.

Avoid materials that are too hairy, fluff may tickle the child's face and create another reason for the toddler to not like their clothes.

Also stay away from clothes with sequins and other items that can easily break off, because not only are these clothes uncomfortable but they can also be dangerous - a child can swallow a small component. Avoid folded and frilly clothes. Replace buttons with Velcro as they are much more functional.

Clothes after other children

You should also take advantage of the clothes donated by your family. They will be slightly worn but also comfortable, because they will have been washed many times.

It is worth talking to your child about dressing

For a slightly older child, you can appeal to the rational arguments and talk to them about dressing. Always pre-warn the child before it is time for dressing. Two year old needs to be able to approve what you will be doing with them. They will also help with dressing.

You should also allow your child to go shopping with you - let them have the freedom (within reason!) to choose clothes for themselves. It is worth showing the child the process of dressing on a favourite teddy bear or a doll. And if it does not like to dress, create a story about why people wear clothes - if they like it the problem is over.


Author: Bien Magazine

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