Best advice on household cleaning and care of a steel sink, which requires a bit of knowledge

How to clean a stainless steel sink

The sink is one of the elements of the kitchen that you need to take special care of to ensure its cleanliness. We wash and rinse our food products there, wash pots, bone china and cutlery, we fill it with water to wash the dishes. Hence, it is worth taking a look at the suggested cleaning methods to not only keep our sink aesthetically pleasing for a long time, but, above all, clean and safe for your health. Below you can find our household cleaning tips.

The first basic rule is regular care

It is best to take care of your sink every day. This does not require huge amounts of attention. What do you need to remember? Knives and utensils should be placed in steel basins carefully, in order to protect the surface of the sink. Sinks, which have a decorative coating, resembling the structure of linen, are a bit more resistant to scratches than smooth sinks. They also show stains of water less.

A steel sink is cleaned with soft sponges but never wires, scrapers, sharp powders or granules, which can scratch or even damage the coating.

Stubborn stains – from coffee, tea, juices, wine – have to be washed off immediately.

And finally - after each use, it is best to rinse the sink with clean water, wipe it with a washcloth and a mild detergent. If there is an opportunity to do so, you should wipe it dry.

How to clean a sink

Besides the daily care of your sink it is also important to follow regular maintenance. Then you wash it more accurately, disinfect, polish and treat it, so that over the years it retains its perfect look. This treatment is carried out by using special cleaners for maintenance of steel sinks.

This treatment can also be carried out also using a home made mixture, cleaning the sink with a solution of water and vinegar - mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Afterwards the sink has to be washed with fresh water and then lubricated with a thin layer of cooking oil, which treats the steel.

What not to do when you have a steel sink

And finally, some advice – what you cannot do with a steel sink, or at least it is certainly not advised:

- Do not put tools, nails or sharp metal components into the sink, this will scratch the stainless steel and begin to rust the surface,

- When cleaning, do not scrape the surface of the sink with a sharp tool and do not fill it with a corrosive agent such as acid, bleach or descaling products,

- Do not throw anything into the sink, because you can permanently deform the steel,

- Do not allow limescale to build up - if the water is hard or rich in iron compounds, you must install a filter that will remove these contaminants.


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