best advice on household cleaning and keeping order of the fridge, it will always be tidy

How to bring order to your fridge

When your refrigerator starts to resemble a battlefield, the shelves littered with unfinished pieces of cheese, sausage or leftover vegetables and the freezer is so icy that it cannot be opened, it means that it is time to do some powerful cleaning. In the same time you can develop a logical system of filling the fridge. This is so effective because this way you will have control over everything that is in the fridge and not one piece of food will go to waste. We will give you some of the best household cleaning tips in our article below.

How to keep order in the fridge and not waste food

Buy only the necessary things, according to the shopping list, which we already wrote about in another article. Inspect the expiry dates of products bought - often those with the longest shelf life can be found at the bottom of the freezers or the back of shop shelves. Regularly review the fridge and remove things that are already not suitable to eat, that went off.

Everything that has a short shelf life put on the front and products with long expiry dates at the back.

Boxes will perfectly help to plan the space

You can buy a whole set of plastic, food friendly boxes and keep various products in them. It will keep a perfect order in your fridge.

Arrange products by your pattern

On the top shelf you can hold all kinds of jars and cans. Jars of jam, mustard and tomato puree. In the second box, place the jars, the contents of which are highly perishable. Do not mix jars in both boxes.On another shelf there may be room for fresh meat and a box of vegetables, which you should keep in the refrigerator to prolong their freshness (e.g. started peppers or zucchinis).Near to the bottom, in an appropriate box you may put cold cuts of meat, separate cheeses and butter and at the bottom; greens, lettuce, parsley, chives, that all dies quickly. In the next container you may find more durable vegetables like; cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and cabbage.

Fridge doors

It is best to keep high cartons and bottles of milk and juices in the door but if you suddenly need more space on the shelves you can also put ketchup and mustard jars there.


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