Bien Magazine - It is worth remembering the simple things you should not do during your own wedding

What not to do at your wedding

Preparations for the wedding is a truly tiresome job that requires huge levels of concentration, a lot of strength and infinite actions. When you laboriously create lists of everything that should be done, you can forget, in turn, quickly about what you should not do at your own wedding or the reception. Here are a few hints from online fashion magazine.

Do not wear too high heels

Many brides will probably be annoyed with us for such suggestion, but when they have to endure hours of suffering in the shoes that are too high, they will agree with us. Do not duplicate the mistakes of many women who, wanting to please, tormented themselves by spending long hours in uncomfortable shoes. You can of course wear heels for the ceremony with no problems. For the wedding party, bring your lower, comfortable and reliable footwear. Remember that among other things, the success of this extraordinary day will depend on the shoes you are wearing.

Do not forget about yourself during weddings

It may sound strange, because the young couple is at the centre of everyone's attention, so it's hard to forget about them, yet, they are forgotten. Talking with the guests, entertains them and takes care of their needs and suddenly they realise the night is over and the young couple did not even get a proper chance to dance. That is why – in this very important time for you, be selfish - dance, eat and  have fun as if the whole world around did not exist.

Do not lose each other

It sounds strange! Freshly baked husband lost his wife during the wedding? Husband misplaced? It is not so strange and almost - quite possible. It often happens that the friends of the groom will want to talk with him about the old days, cousins ​​and aunts will want to admire the wedding dress of the bride – which will separate the couple. This is a very bad time for being alone – it is your wedding, you should spend time exclusively together. This time, it is every second you have to share only with each other.

Watch out for alcohol

Alcohol, as a necessary element of the wedding, is sometimes unfortunately, also abused by the young couple. It is important to eat, drink water or juice, and in the meanwhile enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink. Do not overdo it with the drink, because - you will either miss a big piece of the wedding, or the next day wake up with a terrible hangover. Neither one is a good way to end your own wedding party.


Author: Bien Magazine

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