relationship advice for women - life with hypochondriac is a line of constant listening to lists of ilnesses they possess

Is it worth marrying a hypochondriac?

Continuing the series under the title "Is it worth marrying ..." - now let's focus on a hypochondriac. What kind of future relationship awaits you with a person who is focused on diseases more than anything else in the world? The problem is that hypochondrial disorders have neurotic bases, not a funny or irritating whim. In actual fact a hypochondriac should really attend regular therapy with a psychiatrist in order to get out of the vicious circle, in which they are stuck. Relationship advice for women and men.

A hypochondriac does not pretend

Where others see a normal runny nose, hypochondriac forsee a fatal disease with which they will immediately rush to see their doctor. They excessively listen in to their body’s every little signal and they are constantly watching own body, looking for symptoms indicative of danger. A hypochondriac is neither a simulator nor do they manipulate their environment. They deeply believe in their ailments, which results in experiencing the symptoms. Their body and psyche are inextricably linked, so that their mental state affects their physical well-being, and vice versa. Therefore - a list of diseases that a hypochondriac may be complaining about could be endless.

If you do not feel sorry for them all the time, you are ignorant

Hypochondria is extremely annoying for the environment. Close family and friends of the person often get mad because they cannot deal with them, as to a hypochondriac no rational arguments will appeal. Any attempt to explain to them that there is nothing wrong the hypochondriac will see as an attack on themselves, as monstrous disregard and lack of understanding of their condition. In general - a conversation with them is like discussing two topics completely incompatible to each other. Remember that these discussions will become normal for you, if you decide to marry a hypochondriac.

How to cure a hypochondriac

To end hypochondria, you have to send the suffering person to a psychologist or psychiatrist to jointly discover the cause of the disease. But here, unfortunately, you will encounter a mighty problem. Hypochondriac does not want to get better, and this is for the simple reason that subconsciously they are afraid of parting with their ailment. Because it is thanks to the illness that they are the center of attention, can torment and blackmail their environment with their increasingly deteriorating health.

Actually - hypochondria is a surrogate theme that serves hiding the actual problem that bothers this unfortunate person. And because they do not have the strength to face it, they escape into the disease. And so the carousel revolves.


And finally, a few words about another danger, which you have to be aware of when living with a hypochondriac. Universal access to the internet has brought on an even worse variant of hypochondria - cyberhondria. The Internet is a treasure of knowledge about any diseases, supported by numerable experiences of the diagnosed, who on various pages interpret their ailments. You may get sick just by reading it!

Internet forums are a real hell for a hypochondriac. He always gets information confirming the fact that, unfortunately, they will have to say goodbye to life any time soon.

Question - can you isolate a hypochondriac from the internet?


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