Online fashion magazines advise that choosing a groom's outfit is as significant as choosing his bride's wedding dress

Elegant accessories for a groom

Details matter when it comes to the groom's outfit. They make the overall reception of the outfit truly astonishing. It's great when a groom isn't eclipsed by a beautifully dressed future wife. However, this demands some effort. We're going to give you a few hints on how to improve the groom's outfit.

Belt or braces

A groom who decides to wear a belt has to choose something special. A belt for a wedding outfit must be slim and made of leather. It should also be decorated with a small, yet fancy, gold or silver belt buckle, which has to match the cufflinks, the watch and the jewellery. You need to keep all of the aforementioned elements in the same colour – gold can't be combined with silver and vice versa. This is because such combinations may seem unaesthetic.

When selecting a belt, you need to keep in mind the number one rule – it has to be the same colour as the shoes.

A groom can also choose to wear braces. They go very well with casually styled trousers. However, braces certainly cannot be casual. Wedding stylists share an opinion that this piece of wardrobe should have a button fastening and be made of jacquard, cotton or wool. Braces go well with trousers without belt loops, suits that include a vest, dinner jackets and tailcoats.

Groom's watch

A watch also has to match the other accessories, such as the belt buckle and cufflinks. A classic watch with a flat dial is the best choice.

A tie, a bow tie, a neckerchief or a cravat?

Last, but not least - a tie. It's one of the most noticeable elements of the overall outfit. You can also substitute it with a bow tie, a neckerchief or a cravat.

A tie is the most popular accessory for the groom's outfit. What's interesting is that it has to match the wedding dress in terms of colour. Of course, the colour must be subdued.

If you consider a tie as too trivial, you can choose something more eccentric. For example, a bow tie. Bow ties are usually the best for tall and thin men. This elegant accessory goes well with a suit or a dinner jacket.

A neckerchief is suitable for a more artistic wedding stylisation, which includes a shirt with an unpinned collar. A neckerchief goes well with a tailcoat.

Perhaps you could pull it off wearing a cravat. It's also described as “a ribbon” because its ends are of an equal breadth and you tie them to make a fanciful knot. The knot is pinned with a pearl-decorated tiepin. A cravat goes well with a suit, a tailcoat or a dinner jacket.


Author: Bien Magazine

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