Nowoczesne mamy i przyszłe teściowe chętnie ubierają się odważne na ślub swoich dzieci

Wedding outfits for the parents of newlyweds

The parents of the bride and groom must present themselves in an exceptionally elegant way at the wedding, as they, after the young couple, will draw the attention of the guests. As in the case of men, the problem is fairly small here, because it will be enough to wear an elegant suit or possibly a tuxedo, mothers have a bigger issue. The tradition states that they should not wear white as that colour is reserved for the bride. Bien magazine advises what next.

Colours of the dresses

We know that white is out of the question and black is not completely right for the occasion either, as it is associated with funerals. The best suited will be an outfit or a dress in light, pastel colours - powder pink, beige, gray (this is a good idea if the bride is in pure white). But are you sure?

Some stylists claim that sharp, strong colours that are going to be very eye-catching are not recommended. Others say something quite the opposite – mother’s of the young couple can decide without fear to wear strong, saturated colors, such as ruby ​​red or sapphire.

Mums are getting younger

Thanks to the achievements of cosmetology, the more intense lifestyles, the fact that a woman works and feels fulfilled, mums of the young couple often look even ... younger. Therefore, they do not have to fear the brave, artistic in shapes creations.

It is a good idea for a traditional mum to wear a two piece creation - a dress plus a jacket. Hats with huge brims are also becoming increasingly popular. Mums look like movie stars then.

How do modern mums dress?

It turns out that traditional, boring jackets, blouses and skirts in subdued colours fade away. Mums dress up for weddings ever more boldly these days. Here are some outfit examples that to some may seem a little provocative:

- black (!) skirt and sexy top in panther pattern + fox fur,

- brave hippie style, breathable, multi-layered tops and skirts with flounce and lace,

- "little black" dress, but lace, quite defiant; it can also be "small black" but in various colours, like hot pink,

- suit, men's shoes and a tie.

And what will you say about a mum dressed like that?


Author: Bien Magazine

Photos: DepositPhotos


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