Attending a church wedding requires a bit of tact from attending guests, online magazines uk advise

How to behave in a church

If we were invited to a church wedding, we must respect the rules of the given church or temple. It is worth knowing in advance not to commit a faux pas, especially if you have never had any interactions with a particular religion. Nevertheless, in every church or temple, one should behave in a dignified manner. However, occasionally, the guests, very moved by the occassion, forget about it. Bien magazine offers some simple tips - how to behave in the church at the wedding.

You must not be late

You need to set a safe leaving time so that you do not miss the ceremony and get to the church on time. Someone who is late entering the wedding ceremony which has already started makes a very bad impression. Everyone, unwillingly, will inadvertently turn their eyes away from the main characters of the event, the young couple, to see who disorganises the ceremony.

It is better to even arrive to the place even an hour early, wait in front of or in the church, than to be late even by half a minute.

The same principle, of course, applies to the bride and groom. Unfortunately, it has happened that the young couple did not arrive in time for their own wedding.

Do not talk to friends you have not seen for a while

People who have not seen each other for years often meet at wedding ceremonies. Here you have to be very careful and do not give in to the crazy idea to sit on the same bench with your old friend and reminisce about old times. This is extremely inappropriate behaviour. For the exchange of stories there will be time either at the wedding party or, if you are invited, dinner after the church ceremony. You must always remember that the young couple are the most important people on this day and nothing can stop the uniqueness of the moment, for which they have waited so long.

Do not let your children misbehave

Parents must keep in mind that - in many cases and circumstances of life it is easy to forgive children for their moodiness, mishaps or crying – but they must not be allowed to do this during a church wedding. If you cannot calm your baby, you have to take them outside. Nothing can disturb the importance of the celebration.

Appropriate outfit

In a church, women have to put on a coat or a cardigan - it is not customary for women to expose their shoulders or wear deep cut tops.

Participate in the Mass

Even if we were in a church completely alien to our faith, it is important to try to imitate the gestures of people attending the Mass, to not offend the young couple. It is also not acceptable to stand outside of the church or a temple whilst the Mass is underway.


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