personality development tips, physical exercises can improve your mood and help you work more effectively

Fit people have it better

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article, which states that sedentary life has killed twice as many people than obesity. It appears that the lack of physical activity can be extremely dangerous.

In our women's health magazine, we discovered that people who exercise regularly or do sports are more satisfied with their lives. They're more creative and feel fulfilled. Moreover, they also manage to establish positive relations in their workplace. This includes relations with their bosses.

People who neglect physical activity are more susceptible to stress or a nervous breakdown. They're bothered by different illnesses, hence taking more sick leaves. Therefore, they're less valued as employees by their bosses.

Be active at work

It appears that increasingly more companies create gyms for their employees. Unfortunately, this usually happens in the case of large corporations. Nevertheless, attending these gyms is obligatory for the employees. Studies show that an employer who offers different types of sports activities has a more positive opinion among the potential employees.

Activity helps you to relax

Do you think it's not true? Next time you feel stressed, try exercising for a few minutes. Your organism's reaction will be extraordinary. During exercises, your entire body relaxes, it focuses on its movement. This causes the stress to disappear immediately.

Employers should be aware that simple physical exercises have a remarkable impact on the human brain. Moreover, they improve the atmosphere. As we've mentioned, physical activity can overcome stress. Thanks to simple exercises, people find it easier to forget about conflicts with their co-workers.

Physical effort makes your brain more effective

This may sound like a contradiction, but your brain actually becomes more active after a physical effort. Your ideas become more interesting and more creative. When your body is physically active, your brain has some time to regenerate itself and is capable of working more effectively afterwards.

Last, but not least – endorphins. Endorphins are happiness hormones, which are produced by your brain after a physical effort. This is why you feel more joyful, even though you're physically exhausted.


Author: Bien Magazine

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