relationship tips and advice, nowadays stag dos can be a time of doing something really creative

Bachelor parties - myths, expectations and ideas

Many ladies associate bachelor parties with a visit to a strip club, drinking without any moderation and, often, landing in bed with a newly met woman. It turns out, however, that what is said here, the primitive form of spending a stag night is dominated only by people who do not have any idea of ​​what to do with their lives. So, dear ladies, let’s reject that option and get rid of false ideas. Our gentlemen play differently now, more ambitiously and creatively. Bien Magazine suggests some great bachelor party ideas.

Extreme bachelor party

This type of an evening is chosen for the future groom who is an amateur of adrenaline fuelled attractions. Crazy quad riding, go karting, rock climbing, rope park or parachute jumping are not uncommon. Do something that will raise the blood pressure. It is great to play and get rid of restrictions.

Themed party

This is one of the ideas for an interesting bachelor party. The main motif of the meeting is agreed and all elements are in line with it - from costume, to a meal, to entertainment. You can, for example, arrange a party in the style of the 1920s. Or go to the casino (here you have to be careful not to spend your honeymoon money).

Some also organise specific games. In this case, you have to consider whether the groom will not have to pay for such fun with a heart attack. Friends sometimes arrange a staged kidnapping, to take the disoriented man to a forest hut and reveal their true identities there. As we have said - it may be worth the fun, because it provides a big adrenaline rush, but it is worth thinking about whether it will be appropriately received by the main character.

Trip to another city

It is definitely a safer form of „kidnapping” the groom - you can take him to another city, preferably a large one, to enjoy the pleasure of visiting clubs where he has never been before. You can take him to the opera, to the gallery or to his dream concert - if the groom is an art or music lover. Expecting a standard, schematic bachelor party, the groom can go crazy with delight when friends take him to a favorite football club where he always wanted to go to.

Something for the motoring souls

The ones passionate about cars will be over the moon if they get a chance to ride a super luxury sports car or be a passenger of a very exclusive limousine with a driver. Another idea is to rent a tour bus to cruise the city in.


Author: Bien Magazine

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