Relationship tips and advice, marriage forced by the family or the environment is a recipe for disaster

Marry him/her because they are a catch!

"No matter to whom, as long as you finally get married" - millions of men have heard such words from their mothers, aunts, sisters, or others forcing them to marriage "advisors".

"Go and finally get married because you are getting old and no one you will want you," or "Charm him because he is a catch" - hear millions of women around the world.

Phobia of being pushed into marriage, because it is difficult to call it differently, it is still very popular. Although we live in a theoretically free world, where being single should not surprise anyone nor disturb them, unfortunately, in many cases, this is only a theory. Again and again we are pressured by parents, grandparents, family, work colleagues or even friends to finally get married and have children. And where is room for our free will and decision making? Relationship advice for women and men below.

Arranged marriages

All of this, as a matter of fact, comes down to feeling ashamed, which the child gives their parents, when it reaches certain age and does not want to get married. Parents do not get any peace, they have to explain to friends why they are not grandparents yet, that their daughter or son is just bizarre, because they are still alone. Maybe their child is gay? And the poor soul gets tormented by many questions. Often, what desperate adults, independent people, give in to is the pressure from their parents and fall into the trap of marriages arranged by their family. It does not matter with whom, as long as they were with someone.

There are religions and cultures, in which it is a tradition that parents arrange a marriage - but we do not write about them here. We are talking about a classical European education in the so-called freedom. Apparently everyone can do what they want. Kind of…

Do not have a job, money to live, but must have a wife

Terrifying and backward thinking is what is heard in an extraordinary number of families. Not once you find out that it does not matter if someone just lost their job, is bankrupt or is not responsible enough to have a family – the important thing is not to be alone. What a terrible and nonsensical theory. How can a person whose world fell apart can take care of another person or a child?!!!!

You do not have to work, have a house, have education or perspectives - but you need to have a family. Otherwise you are a loser.

The man has it a little easier

Grown and lonely men are easier to forgive the reluctance to start a family. It is said that a guy like this has to have fun, that he has time and one day will become stable. Then he will decide that the time has come for marriage or a stable relationship.

The problem are unmarried women. They are eternally stressed that they will be alone until death, that no one will want them, because they are getting older and there are many younger women around that bachelorette life is a simple way to bitterness and living with 17 cats. Women, unfortunately, often give in to pressure and force themselves into marriage. They marry the first man that pays attention to them and then regret it for years.


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