Relationship advice for women - separating finances in a marriage can be a stressful process

How to manage finances in marriage

As investigated by many online magazines for women, most of the marriages decided to share all expenses by having their money together. It does not matter here which one of them earns more. Money is kept together and that’s it. There are also people who think that they will add into their home budget equal parts of what’s needed  and the rest of their money they will spent as they see fit. They usually have different accounts and don’t inform their spouse if they have additional income. They give out money for bills and food as much as it was agreed.

Which method is better, let us all decide for ourselves.

Joint back account – partnership

This option is chosen by people who keep no secrets from their partner, they believe that their marriage is based on friendship and responsibility together for everything they go through in life.  These type of marriages agree all of their expenses together including the pleasures. There is no stress that one of them has to buy something for themselves in one place while the other has to wait with their needs for the next month. They both are in charge of the money based on partnership rules.

Money together – governor

There are marriages that have an account together but only one person is in charge of it. This agreement is only understandable in the moment when one of the partners is brilliant with money and investment and the other one hasn’t got a clue about it. This is good, when they both agree that both of their needs are equally important and met without discussion. It is worse when the governor takes too much control over finances. Then the other person may be in a difficult situation when they will have to ask for money to fund their needs. This can turn to be very complicated and lead to many arguments. Unfortunately many women fall into this trap.

Two accounts in the house

Another situation is where each of the spouses have their own account , together they invest in home’s bills, food and the outfits for the kids or the holidays. The rest of the money is left for each spouse for their individual needs. This situation could’ve been caused by a problem with lack of trust. One of the people can for example be a gambler or impulsively buy things without controlling it.

It is worse when both spouses from the beginning decided a spilt like that. What will happen when one of them  needs help, is ill or starts to earn less?

This money situation causes usually bad emotions – one of the partners can start being triumphant over the other when their income increases or they can save more.

The question is whether this solution works for the needs of children or pets in the house? The problem is when by every unexpected life decision you have to re think the whole strategy from the beginning and acutely in a bankers fashion agree new steel rules. The question is whether marriage like this is really happy together?


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