latest beauty products and simple methods to quickly and effectively bring your skin to a beautiful state

Instant beautification

On New Year's Eve, before Christmas or before any important event, we often stress that we do not look fresh and beautiful enough. This can be effectively prevented, by using treatments and products that make your face radiant and beautiful and the body enticingly smooth. Sometimes all it takes, interestingly, is 15 minutes to become instantly glamorous. Read on for the latest beauty trends and ideas.

Milky - vanilla, relaxing bath

If you like long, relaxing baths, this is something just for you. To a bath with warm water add a handful of milk powder with added vanilla (also powder). Immerse yourself in this pleasantly fragrant bath for 10-15 minutes. Thanks to the combination of powdered milk and vanilla your skin will become pleasantly refreshed, smooth and soft. Now rub some moisturising lotion into your skin and you will feel like in heaven.

Use a relaxing face mask

When your body relaxes in a beautifully scented bath, use a skin oxygenating face mask. This type of masks improves oxygenation of intercellular skin particles and stimulate it to a faster recovery. An oxygenating mask will cool your face and smooth the skin, improving its firmness. As a result, your face will look a lot younger.

If you have oily or mixed skin, you can select a mask with the addition of natural clay, which mates the face and refreshes the skin. This procedure should be done 2-3 times a week before an important event.

Compress for dry hands

To complete the whole gorgeous look we also take care of our hands, where the skin is often tired of all the household work or dried out by the varying outside temperature. Here, the method is very simple. Apply a thick layer of moisturising cream on your hands, put on plastic gloves and not cotton gloves. Go to sleep.

Maybe sleeping like this is not most convenient, but for the effect, which you will see in the morning, is worth the sacrifice. Nutrients from the cream will perfectly moisturise dry hands or the damaged skin on the hands.


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