Latest beauty trends - There are many pros of eyelash extensions which appeal to many women

What should I consider before lengthening eyelashes?

Let's look at women fashion trends. It is always crucial before having any treatment, to always carry out some market research. You have to check where the best place is to have the treatment done in your area, read the reviews of other people and look at the photos of the works of the technician. This is a very important step, because not everyone in the industry is trained to the same standard. It is equally important to consider whether you have any allergies, if you have ever had a problem with your skin you should inform the eyelash extensions technician, who will advise a patch test prior to the application. 

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions treatment is a beauty treatment that lasts for approximately five weeks. It involves adding new lashes to your natural lashes, using a special glue. Depending on the desired effect it can be either one lash or a fan of lashes. Before the treatment you should expect to spend few minutes on consultation to ensure that your technician knows exactly what results you expect. The full treatment takes approximately two hours. It is a time consuming treatment due to the number of lashes that need to be attached, on average each person has between 80-120 lashes on each eye. This procedure is very accurate and should not be rushed. Do not be caught out by false promises of fast 15 minute application, if it takes only 15 minutes it may not be completed to the right standard.

Making the decision

Eyelash extensions nowadays seem to be the norm. The pressure of media to achieve a beautiful and perfect look is growing. If you put aside the pressure of the environment and only think about the pros of having eyelash extensions you can then easily decide whether they are something that appeals to you. In the end, who likes to get up extra early in the morning to apply elaborate make up and spend numerous breaks correcting smudged and crumbled mascara? Who wants to apply make up for hours before an event or a meal and then worry if you will not end up looking like a panda if it gets warm?

On the other hand, you can wake up every morning next to your beloved one, looking like a movie star without any effort, thanks to your beautifully extended eyelashes.


Author: Bien Magazine

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