easter without family

Easter during quarantine

Easter is usually this joyful event when we meet our family and friends to celebrate, no matter the faith, it is nice to meet and catch up over BBQ food and some drinks. But what happens during the virus outbreak?

We are quarantined - what shall we do?

Let's not panic! We can most definitely still enjoy Easter, with few minor tweaks. 

First of all, we need to stay connected to our loved ones, whether it is Skype or Zoom that you are using or even FaceTime. There are many ways you can conference in your friends and family and "attend" their virtual Easter. This is exactly what we will be doing. Connecting with people that matter will help you and your kids feel a part of the bigger picture and not feel isolated. It is also amazing for older family members who may be on their own all the time due to the outbreak. 

Are we better just doing nothing?

Just because we cannot have our usual Easter celebrations, does not mean that we have to throw the dolly out of the pram and cancel the whole thing. As a perfect example of making it work, I saw on Instagram a photo of two neighbours who took a fence panel down so they could have a drink together - each sat in their own garden. So let's get creative, virtual egg hunts, card making or simply chatting as if we were all together, using the technology. There are many ways to have fun!

Stuck in with the kids?

If you are like us during this Easter, then you have no child care and are running out of sanity. Do not worry, we have got your back! We are in the process of creating Kids survival guide for parents. In the meantime, keep them busy and ideally outside as much as possible. Make cards, decorate the house, do the Easter Egg hunt, keep them engaged and tired. I know this is exhausting, so try to step back every now and again to take some time for yourself, and let your partner take over. And if both of you have had enough by the afternoon, there is always Dora the Explora and other cartoons that can guarantee you a child-free 20 minutes.

Stay strong my friends, this will be over soon!



Monika xx


Author: Monika for Bien Magazine

Photo: Envato


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