Bien Magazine - The young couple should think it through whether they would like to receive money as wedding gift

Money as a wedding gift

If the young couple declares they wish to receive money as their wedding gift, you need to comply to their wishes and not parade in with a big box of cutlery. The problem always is, how much money should there be in an envelope. As we see in many online fashion magazines, there is a commonly accepted minimum. In the envelope should be enough money, approximately the wedding menu cost for a guest. The idea is that the young couple is not at a financial loss after inviting having guests.

Money from parents and godparents

It is quite a difficult situation for parents and godparents of the groom and bride. The parents normally finance the whole event, which can be extremely expensive and depending on the extravagance, the amount can even reach a few dozen or a few hundred thousand pounds. Not only that - the parents are also required to give the couple a gift. God parents in turn should squeeze out, from ‎£1000 to ‎£10 000.

Give how much you can afford

If someone cannot afford an envelope stuffed with money, they should present the young couple with as much as they can. They must expect, however, their displeasure. The person will feel the discomfort when the wealthy guests will present the young couple with sizable envelopes.

If you know that all guests will be able to give the bride and groom large sums of money and you cannot afford it, you can always help prepare the wedding. In this way, you are almost automatically exempt from giving a large envelope.

Who gives a lot and who less?

Research indicates that the most money the bride and groom receive will be from their parents and godparents. In turn - relatively large sums, though smaller than in previous cases – are from grandparents and siblings. At the end, the gifts in the form of money are handed by the extended family, friends, and acquaintances of the bride and groom.

Is the wedding an investment or a symbolic transition?

Here, the bride and groom must decide whether to treat their own wedding as a chance to get a large amount of money, or whether the act of marriage is more important for them, which is a symbolic gesture of transition into a new reality.

The second problem - every young couple should carefully look at their guests list and think over the guests’ financial abilities. Hardly anyone refuses to come to the wedding because they know they can’t afford a decent amount of money for a present. They would sooner borrow money and take a loan, which may need paying off over years which does come with problems. You have to tactfully find out if someone invited does not have powerful financial obligations, e.g. not paying for a treatment for a sick child or a dying parent. Sometimes grandparents or other people in the family live on a bread line, while the others enjoy a carefree life.

All of this has to be considered, before the happy announcement to all that the money will be the best gift.


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