Bien Magazine - It turns out that wedding seating arrangements of guests is not easy

How to seat wedding guests

As everyone who has wedding planning behind them knows, the proper seating arrangements are not quite so obvious and simple. Much depends on the relationships in the family and also the position of the person (is it a close or distant family). Hence – there are many questions that arise. Where should you sit your favourite aunt and where to place your unfriendly uncle? Are the divorced cousins ​​ok to sit next to their ex-wives? The questions remain unanswered. To help develop a guest sitting plan, let's have a look at current wedding etiquette rules as advised by online magazines for women. Then to a certain extent our doubts will be resolved. 

Who can sit at the head table?

The head table is the first table to consider when planning wedding guests seat allocation. Who can sit in such an honourable place? Once upon a time, tradition dictated the bride and groom's parents to sit next to the young couple. Everything is changing now. Next to the newlyweds usually sit the best man and maid of honour, then parents.

Two ways of arranging guest seats

There are two basic ways for the wedding seat arrangements. The first assumes that the members of the bride's family are sitting on one side of the room and the groom’s family on the other. People know each other and they feel comfortable in each others company. But - with this arrangement both families have little chance of getting to know each other. Besides, it is not said that family members really want to have something to do with each other. They may, after all, dislike someone.

The second method is to split the guests according to age - young people on one side and older people on the other. This way both age groups can quickly integrate and find a common language. Here, there may be a problem when someone feels that the side they are allocated to is not suitable for them. A young man who is extremely shy will probably prefer to stay with his parents and the young spirited grandma will feel better in the company of younger people. But – after all you cannot please everyone.

Who you should not sit next to each other

In order to avoid quarrels or unfriendly situations on such an important day, you must be careful not to sit eternal enemies, couples after divorces or people with completely different religions and political views side by side.


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