online magazines for women suggest fresh cut flowers in a vase will maintain their charm if they are looked after properly

How to conserve the freshness of cut flowers

Who among us does not love the beautiful, colorful and fragrant bouquets on the table, chest of drawers or the coffee table? Colorful, fresh flowers, which, fortunately, you can buy at any time of the year, give the room a new expression. Thanks to them the day becomes nicer and flowers can bring a good mood. However, they have a fundamental flaw – they quickly wither. What to do to keep them fresh for longer? Fortunately, there are many methods that help with this. Find out here - online magazines advise.

Trim the ends and remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem

With a sharp knife, cut the stems by 2-3 cm. Be careful not to crush them. After cutting the stems put the flowers in water as soon as you can. If you notice that they become desiccated, repeat the procedure. Before you put cut flowers in a vase, remove all the leaves from the lower part of the stem - the one that will be submerged in water. Do not remove thorns from roses though, it causes a fast decline.

How to care for flowers when shoots produce milky sap

In the case of flowers, where shoots contain milky sap (including, for example. poppies, poinsettias, gazania) or mucus, which have in them stems of tulips, you need to do things differently.

If you crop stalks of those flowers, the leaking juice will block the mechanism for fetching water and flowers will quickly fade. Therefore, the tip of the stems of poppies, poinsettia, or gazanias or tulips should be either immersed temporarily in hot water or burned with the lighter flame. This way the juices will come from the stem – which must be removed immediately. Afterwards, you can put flowers in a vase.

Daily flower refresh

If we put the flowers in to clean water, without nutrients, their stems should be pruned every day, cutting off 1-2 cm. You have to remember that every time you have to wash the vase and fill it with clean water.

The water in which the flowers stand

Contrary to popular belief, cut flowers should not stand in cold water. A suitable temperature for them is about 40 degrees Celsius. Warm water contains less oxygen, thereby the flowers will wilt much slower. One can also put the flowers into pre-boiled and, of course, cooled down water.

Most importantly however, is to change the flowers water daily, and you will enjoy their beauty for a long time.


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