Modern day parents allow their kids to behave badly in social settings

Parents justify kid’s naughty behaviour

Modern parents, too busy with their own affairs, taught by life that the world is unjust and requires constant elbow-shifting, instill this mindset on to their own children. They teach them aggressive behaviour, often antisocial, justifying an aggressive child on their behalf. They explain to the toddler that they have the right to react to things with anger, annoyance or rude words when they are picked on. Read about some bad child behaviours that some parents accept and excuse. We do not comment on anything, we do not argue whether they are good or bad reactions and behaviours. We leave the judgement of that to you, our readers.

The child does not share with others and does not lend their things

Kate's child is raised so that he lives in the belief that he does not need to pay attention to anyone's needs. He cannot share with other children, he does not offer them a packet of sweets, but he will eat them alone. Likewise - he does not consider lending his things to another child, even if they are in need. Parents react to his behaviour with approval. They claim that their child learns a healthy selfishness and that in the future he will not allow to be used. He will take care of his own business and will not let anyone else benefit from his hard work.

An attack after an argument- no consequences

Many modern parents claim that from an early age a child must learn to be strong. They cannot tolerate humiliation or attacks from other children. If someone strikes them, hits them or hurts them, the child has the right to retaliate. Of course, parents stress, it is supposed be done so the adults do not see it, especially teachers. The latter are especially unjust in terms of conflict resolution, as they discipline not only the guilty child who started the dispute, but also the delinquent who defended themselves.

Swearing and loud, angry outbursts

Many parents come up with the idea that curses are meant to help a person get rid of negative emotions. If they help adults, they will help the child too. So let them curse, as long as it is not in public, in kindergarten or in the street. At home, yes, let them use unkind words, because in this way they will get rid of bad emotions, they off load - so some parents say.

In a similar way, many parents justify the rage and anger that their children show, so long as this does not happen in front of other people – that is the most important thing. Let the baby scream. One day it will get tired and it will stop. You can, at the end of the day, just ignore their hysteria - says one mother.

Rude behaviour towards older people

And one more behaviour that is commonly starting to be accepted – lack of respect for the elderly. Many children do not say hello to their neighbours, or say "good morning" to people they have known for years. Many other children are not reprimanded by their parents when they speak unkindly or even aggressively towards an elderly person. Mothers have explained that they do not see a reason why the child should be picking up the sting because they defend themselves against the unsympathetic or critical words of a stranger ("Old hag" - as one of her mothers called it).


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