Let your child develop naturally

Children facing society’s high demands

Many parents have been obsessed with a true paranoia of having an uncommonly talented child. They want their children to constantly improve themselves by learning foreign languages, doing sports, having multiple interests, knowing precisely what the future has in store for them, etc. Many children have to learn from the day they were born, which gives them very little time for natural development.

The difficult task of being modern

Psychologists claim that being a parent nowadays is a very difficult task. This is because of the internet, which has made it easier to make comparisons with other parents and the ways they raise their children. However, things that people write online is often plain rubbish, but in spite of this many parents are feeling undermined that somebody is doing a better job in being a mum or a dad than they do. That’s when they force their children to “improve” themselves. After all, their baby can’t be worse than the others. This is all it takes to start the madness. Its main victim is the child, who is becoming a tool for increasing their parents’ self-esteem.

Tired and stressed

This insanity stars with choosing a kindergarten. The more exclusive, the better. It’s for the best if a child learns two foreign languages, takes swimming, dancing and singing lessons. The sooner they learn all these things, the better. After all, adulthood is just around the corner, so there’s no time to waste for having fun.

The results

A child who’s treated, or should we say trained, like this doesn’t have time for being a child and knowing the world at their own, natural pace. As a result, such children are stressed, they feel forced and lose curiosity, as well as the ability of creative thinking.  It’s simple to notice that such a way of raising a child brings more harm than advantages. In addition, there’s a risk that a child raised this way, might want to make up their childhood days when they grow up. There’s no need to tell what might happen then.

You mustn’t disturb any of the natural stages of a child’s development. If parents do this, there’s no telling how the future of such a child will play out.


Author: Bien Magazine

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