Healthy eating for children and advice on choosing right parenting style

We know best!

If you stand on the side and look at parenthood you will find that everyone around you knows best when it comes to looking after a child or bringing them up. Parents go crazy listening to many super-intelligent pieces of advice and opinions of those who shouldn’t really be involved in the conversation anyway. Women's magazines online are here to help.

Why without a hat and shoes?

In the opinion of many, a hat and a pair shoes are the most important items that a young person needs to wear when being taken out for a walk in a stroller. It isn’t even important if it is hot outside or whether the child wants to play with their own feet. It isn’t even important that the child does not yet walk and that the shoes are completely redundant. In common opinion, usually older generations, when outside, a hat and shoes have to be worn because otherwise the baby will catch a cold.

Shut the window now!

Another hearsay – you can’t leave a child in a room when a window is left open. According to many they will catch a cold instantly and will have to take antibiotics! And when it comes to small babies, it is necessary to ventilate the house or a flat to ensure they get enough oxygen.

Let it cry!

Another common opinion which comes from a time when no one cared about the needs of a child is; “let it cry!” If a child is crying it means it is trying to force something upon us. According to this idea it has to be left alone. Noting could be further from the truth. What it actually means when your child is crying is explained here.

Why do you feed it in such an odd way?

Grandmothers go weak at the sight of unusual, specially formulated supplements for newborns which have the consistency of a blended meal. They have been designed to make it easier for children to eat and be absorbed into their system faster than foods in original form. Grandmas forget that times have changed and we are able to buy special food for the little ones, food full of nutrients and vitamins and that are also tasty. A good grandmother will happily give the child a schnitzel!

They used to eat this and everyone was ok

If you were to rely on the old food ideas and culinary preferences of the older generations, we could fund our child daily colic. Unfortunately we live in a much more toxic environment which causes different illnesses or allergies that are unknown for the elders. Therefore listening to a grandmother who thinks that cottage cheese will be ok because it used to be harmless to kids, can drive a parent of a lactose intolerant child, mad. In those situations the parent has to be careful what others are feeding their baby.


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