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Child at the swimming pool

Once, luckily a long time ago, some fathers - intolerant of weakness, threw their children into water, assuming that they have to deal with it and thus learn to swim. Unfortunately, the effect was completely the opposite, a child was traumatised and avoided water since that day. Many so-treated children never learnt to swim. Fortunately, now hardly anyone comes up with such crazy ideas. Parents get their children used to water in advance so that the children do not have problems with learning to swim. They learn naturally, stress free and in the aura of pleasure and fun. Bien Magazine looks int this matter.

It is worth to start early

Children who are four-five months old can be taught to swim. Water is for them an almost natural environment, so it will do very well in a pool. The problem is the terribly stressed out parents and their child can sense it. Fortunately, there are special programs, swimming lessons for infants and young children. Therefore you should start earlier, so a teenager or even an adult does not have to be ashamed of the fact that they cannot swim.

Adequate preparation

You have to be prepared for the first visit to the swimming pool. It is worth seeking advice from specialists or trainers before you take your toddler to the pool. The point is so it is not too crowded and loud. It is important that the child was sated, been to the toilet and is in a good mood.

You have to slowly immerse your child in water, ideally in the arms of a parent, which will create in their mind a pleasant association. It will feel safe and build good memories associated with the pool and swimming.

You have to graduate emotions

Everything must be done slowly, without haste and stress. It is advisable that during the first visit you walk around the pool, show your child everything, and tell it what lovely things await it. It is important that the parent is relaxed and happy. A child sensing their mood will not be afraid. It must be familiarised with new environment, louder voices by the pool, specific smells and sounds.You need to enter the water slowly, carefully and always observe the child to see if they are scared or if they want to leave.

Test for a parent

The decision to teach a toddler how to swim is difficult for parents. But if they make it, they have to be very self-controlled, patient, understanding and extremely consistent. Parents must understand that the pace of getting used to the water and swimming pool depends on the baby, and not the adults.


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