Bien Magazine - Doing house chores helps burn calories

House chores burn calories

Bien Magazine can reveal that believe it or not, daily chores help burn calories. Of course, nothing can replace exercise and real movement, however, the more you have to do at home, the more calories you burn. Perhaps this knowledge will help you to like the home bustle a little.

Which activities burn calories

Below is a list of daily or less frequently performed household chores and next to them, the approximate amount of calories you burn while doing them. 

digging, raking the garden: 500 kcal / h
scrubbing floors: 426 kcal / h
vacuuming: 260 kcal / h
cleaning the carpet: 260 kcal / h
work in the garden: 250 kcal / h
mopping the floor: 250 kcal / h
cleaning windows: 240 kcal / h
dusting-: 240 kcal / h
cleaning the bathroom: 240 kcal / h
making the bed: 200 kcal / h
tidying up the room: 180 kcal / h
hand washing clothes: 150 kcal / h
ironing: 144 kcal / h
washing dishes: 114 kcal / h
hand stitching: 111 kcal / h
cooking: 105 kcal / h
sweeping the floor: 100 kcal / h

"Home aerobics"  benefits

As shown on the above list, if you do several of those things in a row, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour. The same effort you would have to put in at the aerobics class at the fitness club, exercise at the gym or swimming. In case of burning calories during the housework there is yet another benefit, in addition to looking after your figure, you also have a clean house.

Many women complain about their appearance. You do not need to use draconian diets – you just need to regularly do things in your home and garden and with pleasure watch the spare pounds go away.


Author: Bien Magazine

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