Getting ready in the morning is easy

Your morning routine simplified

You can look amazing without adding extra time to your schedule, and these three latest beauty trends and tips will make it happen.

Step One - Make Your Nighttime Routine Your Best Friend

There are a number of different preparations you can make a night to ensure you're look great just waking up. You probably already know that evening braids when your hair is wet offer a great wave look, but there are other products that can help, too. Pillow rollers or pin curling your hair mean no time with the curling iron. You can even use your dry shampoo before you go to bed because it means better volume in the morning. Massaging a bit of almond oil into those dark circles before you go to bed can also help you do less in the morning, as it makes them virtually disappear while you sleep.

Step Two - Multitask Often

Multitasking isn't just for your workday anymore. Instead, it's perfect for your makeup and hair too. The goal is to find products that help you do just that. All-in-one makeup options like tinted moisturiser and neutrals that help prime your entire face are ideal. There are lots of similar options for your hair as well. Many moisturisers work well on your skin and your hair at the same time, and you can typically find facial cleansers designed to cleanse and tone in a single step. Read as much as you can about products that will help you multitask, and you'll find some serious time savings.

Step Three - Stay Organised

Believe it or not, a clean, well organised space can actually help you speed the process up considerably. Clean spaces offer you a bit of extra positive energy. Moreover, if you organise your space so that it fits the order in which you use each piece of your routine, it's going to help speed things up. For example, start with your washcloth, and then move on to the next step. Keeping your tools to a minimum and arranging each type of makeup by colour are all part of the process, and it means you never have to search for anything, which can really slow things down.

It really is possible to look perfect, even if you're in a rush. Don't sacrifice your looks for your schedule. These tips can help make sure you turn those heads, even if you're in a bit of a rush.


Author: Mindy - Bien Magazine

Photos: DepositPhotos


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