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Quick fix method for a broken nail

Daily chores, washing up, typing on the computer, carrying shopping, cooking – you could list those activities for hours that don’t help to keep nails in good shape. When you add bad diet, stress and hormone changes to the equation our nails are in real danger.

What do you do when a nail splits in the most unexpected moment? There is no point cutting the nail down that you have nurtured so lovingly for years when in actual fact it can be saved. Bien Magazine - supporting online fashion magazines will help with that.

What you need to save a broken nail

There is a very simple method to “repair” a broken nail and it does not matter where the split, damage or break sits. To save the nail you need a fresh tea bag, special nail glue, scissors, nail file and nail polish.

Method of repairing the nail

First of all cut off a rectangle from the tea bag- it needs to be slightly bigger than the place you want to fix on to your nail.

Now apply a drop of glue onto the place you want to fix and wait about 20 seconds, afterwards put the cut out piece of tea bag on top of the glue. Do it so precisely and the paper will absorb the glue and become one. Put another drop of glue onto the paper on the nail and wait a while until it dries. After a few minutes you can file the uneven edge. Now you can apply a nail polish and that’s it!

How to strengthen nails

To make sure you won’t ever have to repair a broken nail you need to properly look after your nails. You can use two home hacks.

Add a little lemon juice to a spoonful of olive oil and rub this mixture into your nails in the evening, put cotton gloves on and go to sleep. Use this method a minimum of twice a week and your nails will be much stronger.

One other method (here you have to be careful with your eyes) is based on adding a spoonful of cream, a few drops of water and a mixed red pepper. Apply this mixture on your nails for 15-20 minutes. This treatment should be repeated after a month.


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