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A few gift ideas for Grandma's day

Grandma has a lot of time for her grandchildren and a lot of patience. She is understanding and allows kids to do many more things than their parents. Many of us remember our grandmothers during these extraordinary times when we were very small and the world seemed enormous. With endless enthusiasm grandma was able to take us for walks, collect leaves in the park and prepare cinnamon cookies. She had time for us, she was eager to talk and tell us incredible stories. Grandma was very loved, nearly as much as the parents. Therefore – to celebrate her special occasion - it is worth to come up with some unique and original gift ideas that will fill your grandmother's eyes with tears of emotion.

Bien Magazine has some ideas for a gift that is affordably priced and shows your love. Of course, hand made, because things like that are the most valuable for a grandmother.

Gift from the toddler

Children love to draw, so naturally it seems like a good idea to make a card. And we will add another gift idea – a plaster imprint of a little child's hand. There is no grandmother in the world who would not be touched by such a gift.

This gift must be created, of course, with great help from an adult. And it can be done very simply. In special, properly prepared plaster mix or plastic clay, we imprint the hand of our child and then form the edges in a shape of a heart, circle or a flower – whatever is in our skillset. At the top it is worth to make a small hole. When the plaster dries (or, as in the case of clay, it is burned out), we thread a ribbon through the hole so that the grandmother can hang the original gift in a prominent place. It is not said that our decoration will not take up space on the Christmas tree.

Gift from an older grandchild

Everyone knows this, but grandmothers know this best that the most perfect gift is the one that is hand made. That is why older children can assemble small fragrance bags for grandma. They are very simple to prepare. Into a linseed bag we pour various herbs, spices, dried fruits - here you can prepare your own original fragrance set. We tie the whole thing with a string or a bow and insert it into a nice, transparent bag. It will also be great to make a small greeting card and it would be ideal to prepare it personally.

Another idea - hand-painted or decorated box - a small wooden jewellery box can be purchased in the shop with decorative items and afterwards you can unleash your inner artist and paint it.

Grandma will also be delighted with a hand made cup or a mug. It is important for the grandchildren to decorate those by themselves, as it is the most beautiful gift for her.

Gifts from almost grown-up grandchildren

Adults generally do not have much trouble with gift ideas. They sit down online and in a minute or two find the right gift. But – it is not the same as the gift we put our heart into. Maybe it is worth thinking about a photobook? It is a great idea for a photo album that we compose ourselves from photos, we are sure grandmother will be touched if she receives something like that.

You can also – this is an idea for those who have more time – go to the place where your grandmother was born, where she met your grandfather or where something particularly important for her happened, take photos there and fill the photobook with them. We guarantee that this gift will be looked at every day by your grandma and will give her a good excuse for nostalgia and a really pleasant return to the past.


Author: Bien Magazine

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