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How to get a man - what to wear on a date

Men are captors - Everyone will tell you that. It is commonly known that men have to make the first step. Luckily, women of the 21st century are strong and brave and they have the same right to pursue their own happiness as men. That is why a woman can invite a guy on a date, she can take the initiative and she can steer the whole courtship process by seducing a man. Here you can find advice on latest ladies fashion that you can use while dating.

What to wear?

You need to realise that you have many assets and tricks up your sleeve and no normal man will be able to resist you. If that wasn’t enough, he won’t even notice what trap you prepared! You must remember that men respond to visual images. This is the most important fact. Therefore you need to charm him with your outfit. Put on a dress or a skirt, enhance your figure and accent your feminine side. A necessary accessory is shoes – stilettos or comfortable high heel shoes which will accent your legs and make them look longer. Add a few nice, but not dramatic accessories and make up and he will drop to his knees.

Revealing cleavage or buttoned up top?

A woman who goes on a date wearing a low cut top prominently showing her assets appears desperate and too revealing. If you are looking for a relationship not a one night stand, you shouldn’t uncover all your attributes straight away. Leave something to the imagination.

Date Hair do

Women with lovely long hair can leave them naturally down, as this will definitely attract the guy’s attention. There is a common idea of a beautiful, feminine woman with long hair. If hair is your asset, use it to highlight your attractiveness. You can hide a little behind long hair and give him swooning looks. This look will make every man want you more.

If you have short hair, you need to match it to your outfit. If you like to wear stylish and elegant clothes, you hair should be immaculate. Don’t try to save money on a good hairdresser, they will help you get the heart of the man you desire.

If you like a casual style and relaxed, you can spike you hair up or shape it to look natural. Remember that women’s hair very much attracts men; therefore try to match it with the most suitable style, mood and the place where you will be going. Add nice, enhancing but not dramatic makeup.

What not to wear on a date

Regardless of whether you are going to a restaurant, a pub, the cinema or to stroll by the river, you can never wear lose tracksuit bottoms and God forbid a stretched out jumper. This will definitely put the future admirer off.


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