Online magazines uk find singles, even the ones by choice, don’t really feel comfortable at weddings

What do singles think about a wedding

The idea of being single is based on freely making decisions about your own fate, without the need of consulting all aspects of life, small and big problems with the partner. Single people by choice seem so pleased with their independence that they aren’t interested in weddings. They also have a specific attitude towards being invited to this kind of party and meeting their potential dating partners.

Singles invited to the wedding

Bien Magazine looked into researcher that says many singles believe that invitations to the wedding should be double, i.e., assuming each guest will come with a companion. But they immediately add that if they would receive such invitation, they would still come on their own (half of the respondents expressed such opinion). On the other hand, few would take a friend with them. There were quite a number of those who would never come. In such cases this raises a question; what is the point of inviting singles for the wedding, if they won’t even show?

Single and post-wedding datingIn the past, weddings were one of the more interesting places, where you could meet someone, someone lonely and eager to date, or even for a future relationship. Now the entire situation is different. Weddings usually are attended by couples. And even if a single without an accompanying person will appear at the wedding ceremony, they aren’t (as claimed by the majority of respondents) looking for new pursuits. Singles unequivocally say that someone's wedding is not a good place to meet someone worth dating.

Single men are afraid of the question where is their other half

Another reason why singles are reluctant to go to weddings and wedding receptions is that there is a great likelihood that someone will ask a single person why are they on their own, or even - when will they get married. Interestingly, men are usually worried more about these questions. This is a private matter and men usually do not like to confide in strangers their feelings. Singles do not want to be forced, especially by strangers, to the declaration relating to their love life. On the other hand, single women do not really like weddings, because they feel discomfort at the thought of being there alone and will have to take care of themselves. They feel an emotional discomfort when in a place which cultivates the connection between two people.

Single women often plan their own wedding

Studies have shown that single ladies, even those who are alone by choice or those of choice, often in their dreams plan their wedding. More than half of the respondents have already chosen their wedding dress; many of them have already planned their wedding day. It turns out then that loneliness touches many single ladies, who are very reluctant to admit it and say that they love the state in which they are at present.It turns out that such a natural event, a wedding, for many singles is a specific problem and often causes a discomfort.


Author: Bien Magazine

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