Online magazines for women discuss an unwritten code of behaviours at someone’s wedding that we have to adhere to

What should not be done at someone's wedding

Few moments in life raise as many emotions as a wedding. Organisers are terribly stressed, the young couple usually goes crazy worrying about whether everything will work out fine. Stress only passes when the entire wedding party turns out to be successful. It is worth, therefore, for the wedding guests to not give the couple, or their parents any additional stress. Bien Magazine reminds you that it is good to remember what you should not do at a wedding, or even what is not allowed.

Do not complain

Man has, unfortunately, a disgusting tendency to criticise everything they lay their eyes on. Those who love to get hung up on details, we strongly recommend to refrain from any words of criticism until they return home. If you will decide to do your favourite thing and criticise things for example while in the toilet, you can count on the fact that someone associated with a young couple will hear you. You will embarrass yourself terribly, also hurting the young couple.

Hence – at the wedding you should enjoy your time with a smile on your face. At home, if you cannot stop yourself from the attack of malice, you can pour out a stream of criticism.

Not appear at a wedding, if you do not like the bride and groom

The presence at the wedding is not an obligation. A very big faux pas is the appearance at someone's wedding, if you do not like the bride and groom, or either of the newly wedded spouses, just to make them angry. There are sometimes situations where a woman dresses in a white, ornate dress to disrupt the bride. Or - invited guests pointedly do not bring a gift.

This behavior points only at you, is disgraceful and will definitely not bring you popularity. The young couple, busy with each other, may not even pay attention to your inappropriate behavior. But - we guarantee - the guests will definitely notice it.

The same principle applies to writing mallicious things on social media - if you did not like something, leave it for yourself, do not share it with the world. It can turn on you very quickly.

You should not propose at someone’s wedding

It is an extremely nasty habit to propose during someone's wedding. Habit promoted by movies, it is, unfortunately, a great expression of selfishness. Why? For the very simple reason that someone's wedding day is a time when attention must be focused on the young couple. Besides - the parents of a young couple pay for this very demanding financially event, so is it just not appropriate to arrange your own marriage proposal at the expense of someone else.

Do not force anyone to drink or dance

If someone does not want to dance or drink with you, respect their decision. Let everyone enjoy themselves in the way they choose to. It is extremely inelegant to enquire about the reasons for the refusal. No one has the obligation to explain themselves.


Author: Bien Magazine

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