wedding dresses tips online - White wedding dress is a young symbol of a bride, which was created in twentieth century

Few words about a white wedding dress

A white wedding dress was for a short time, a symbol of virginity of the bride. It was the sign of purity, freshness and the order of a new path which was marriage. What is unusual about many European countries is the bride used to wear colourful clothes. Women chose their best outfits and then got married wearing them.

For centuries only really wealthy women were getting married in white dresses. It was a symbol of high social status and wealth. Only women from rich families were able to afford such a “disposable” elegant outfit, especially white, which had to be thrown away after the wedding. Bien Magazine advises ondresses for weddings.

Coco Chanel created the white wedding dress fashion

The white wedding dress has gained its greatest popularity, specifically, only when Coco Chanel launched her own wedding design. Her dress was knee length and had a reaching her knees dress with a long, white train. Since then, the world went crazy about white wedding dresses, which in time became increasingly longer and more decorated in tulle, lace and flowers.

Colourful wedding dresses

Modern brides often choose different coloured wedding dresses. They choose dresses in cream, cappuccino, gold or pink. There are also ladies who get married in red or even black dresses with white accessories. Veils are also slowly being forgotten.

The modern connection of the colour white and sexual purity seems to be now a pure hypocrisy hence the tendency to wear much braver colours.

Wedding pragmatism

To the above there is also a link to the question of pure pragmatism - more and more women, often working hard together, with their partner on financing their own wedding, assume that the white dress is nothing more than a whim. Therefore they choose creations which later can be used many times.

Does the cult of the white wedding dress still exist?

To check whether the world actually parted with white dresses, we visited several wedding salons and looked through a lot of wedding catalogues. Amazingly, 99% of companies offer white wedding dresses in a variety of cuts, with more or less tasteful additions.Perhaps the bride has to prove to be a brave woman to stray away from bridal white. 


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