Bien Magazine - There are only few things that cannot be forgotten during the pre wedding rush

5 things you cannot forget about on your wedding day!

Although the wedding preparations begin usually a few, or even several months before the most important date, as a rule, unfortunately, the last week before the wedding is usually filled with bustle and stress. At this point you can easily forget about the fundamental issues that seem so obvious that they cannot be omitted. And yet ... it is quite possible. Therefore, we suggest to make a list, which will accompany you to the last moment, when it comes to leaving the house and travelling to the church or office.

Here is Bien Magazine's list of 5 to things that absolutely must not be forgotten on a wedding day.

Wedding rings

Many have managed to forget them. So do not be surprised that the rings made the top of the list. It has happened on more than one occasion that the bride and groom had to borrow rings from their parents. Therefore, you need to put them on top, in a place where you keep very important items you will not leave without.

 The bride’s bouquet

You should not forget about it, although ultimately it is possible to go without it. Nonetheless – it would be a shame if this beautiful addition was left in the house, and the bride had to settle for borrowed flowers. What about the situation when a young couple wished to have a wedding without flowers? The only thing left is to ask someone to go and buy a bridal bouquet. The question is whether they will manage to return with it on time?

Therefore - bridal bouquet goes on the list of items that must not be forgotten.

Sweets and alcohol awarded at the gate

There are places in the world where they cultivate the tradition of so-called gates. Neighbours, friends, or even children from different road blocks on the road coming out of the church. They wish the young couple well, but want something in return, to let the bride and groom pass. Adults get alcohol and children sweets. For safety, it is always worth remembering this tradition because it may be that the wedding guests will plan to block your way out of the church or office. You have to get out of this with a straight face.

Bride’s must haves

The bride must forsee a variety of unexpected situations, so someone trusted must have her must-haves at the ready, everything that can come in handy. They need to have cosmetics on hand, antiperspirant, comb or brush, tissues, wet wipes, needle and thread, safety pin, plasters, insoles, pain killers and tablets for various other ailments. You never know what can happen and what is going to be useful.

Change of a dress

If the bride and groom spend the night at the place where the wedding took place, they must have clothes for the next day. It is worth asking for the clothes to be delivered by someone who can be trusted, who will not disappoint. It would not be very nice having to dress in wedding clothes and having to go home to change.


Author: Bien Magazine

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