relationship tips for women and men - embarrassing the other person in front of people is a sign of cruelty and bad manners

You don’t know what he is really like?

Human relations are very complicated. Firstly, when people are in love, when the hormones take charge and everything is based on chemistry the world looks perfect. The couple do not see their faults, and loves the other for everything that they do, thinking that every gesture is ideal. The problem is that when the chemistry runs out the other person’s faults come out, their habits or weird things they do. Everyone has those, we have to accept them and not change. Here some relationship advice for women and men.

I like to upset you

We know, unfortunately, that many couples find a lot of satisfaction in upsetting each other. Although those actions are not nice, the two people hurt each other in their own home and somehow it has to be accepted. You can’t really do much when friends or family live together like cats and dogs and it is sad to know it didn’t work out for them. But we have to leave it there.

Washing dirty laundry in public

The worst situation is when the couple starts moving their “private field” of battle outside of their home. Suddenly during a BBQ with friends, everyone has to participate in a very hurtful, unpleasant and often aggressive exchange of words. Then they find out that “from three months he doesn’t satisfy her in the bedroom, that he is an “impotent”, and she “has her needs”. They discover also, to their high embarrassment that she “fawns near their postman and they can only wait until she leaves him and the kids and run away with her lover”. Those are, unfortunately, real life examples.

There are no taboo topics

In those situations couples air their dirty laundry in public, their family problems and arguments. With great cruelty and spitefulness they remind each other of the mistakes they made several years prior. People talk about what they don’t like in their partner, or even what makes them despise them even though they never said it to their face before. They also openly talk about intimate and embarrassing things, which strangers should not know about.

Poor listeners

How do you react? Pretend you didn’t hear anything when a couple is shouting at each other so loud that you can hear them in the next city? Try to change the topic? It is like trying to contain a tornado in a jar. Leave? It can also be a challenge, because you are in your own home or a garden. You would have to strongly intervene and state that no one wants to hear their arguments. Unfortunately, not many will be brave enough to do that.

There is a possibility that after hearing about the person’s many faults and heinous acts you can completely change your feelings about someone. Old friends may start to avoid each other, one of the girl friends may not want the other anywhere near her after hearing how cruelly and publicly she insulted her man.


Author: Bien Magazine


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