Online magazines for women advise humidifying the air during the winter season as high priority

How to humidify the air at home?

When it gets cold outside, we turn on all types of heating sources, radiators and heaters, in the flat or a house the air humidity drops, which means the water content in the air goes down. Its quantity decreases or increases depending on the temperature and the heating sources in the house. Optimum humidity varies between 30% and 60% of the water content in the air. During the heating period this content may fall below 20%. Bien Magazine advises how to keep the humidity at a good level. 

What is associated with low air humidity?

Unfortunately, it is not good when the air humidity in the home is low. Many people feel their skin become irritated, dry and parchment like.

In the dry air, there is more dust and mites circulating, which can be a real pain for those suffering from allergies.

In addition – very dry air does not work well with membranes in the nose and throat - they dry up, we begin to feel scratching in the throat and it is easier to catch a sore throat, which often turns into a cold.

Very dry air makes the body much more vulnerable to the attack of microbes - penetrating to the inside of the body, which makes us poorly.

Simple method of humidifying the air at home

From the above it is clear that for your comfort we should take care of the air humidification in our house or an apartment while the radiators are working in full steam.

The simplest method is daily, regular airing of the rooms. As the air outside is damper than indoors, you should ventilate the rooms at least three times a day for several minutes. Of course, at this time it is worth turning the radiators off.

In addition - the air in the house will be richer in oxygen - hence our well-being, physical and intellectual health will improve, we will feel brighter and more energetic.

Homemade methods of humidifying the air

It is worth having plants at home, which are excellent, natural humidifiers. Especially those that have large, spreading leaves, which give out water taken from the ground. You have to remember not to overdo it, because too many plants can give the house a tropical climate.

Another method to moisten the air is to dry the laundry indoors. However, do not hang it directly on the radiator - it dries too quickly and the humidification effect is poor.

You can also hang special containers on the radiator, which allows the water to evaporate and humidify the air of your house or apartment. The only problem is, you have to remember to fill them up.

Humidify the air

However, the electronic air humidifiers that blow out the right amount of mist are absolutely unrivaled. They work perfectly when we suffer from allergies or have small children at home. But even adults who have enjoyed the fresh breath of air produced by the humidifier will never want to give up this comfort.


Author: Bien Magazine

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