Online magazines for women advise how to arrange a garden which will help take a break from reality

A few ideas for arranging the garden

A garden used to be a space where people would grow plants, vegetables, fruit trees, where they spent a lot of time nursing their flower-beds and watching the results of their work. Nowadays, when the modern day attacks us with a lot of other responsibilities, many decide to change their garden into a space of relaxation and rest. In a small and private paradise on earth. Bien Magazine looks into this for you. 

When creating a garden, it is worth considering what role it will play, whether we can actually spend hours on a sun lounger while reading a book, or are we the kind of people that love to act and we feel the pull to work - even in free time in the garden? The gardens future use depends on this.

Own mini-park

Let's start with those who wish to rest in the garden. They can arrange the green space in two ways - either leave the garden nature to do what it likes, allowing the trees, bushes and shrubs to grow as they please or create a carefully designed and manicured mini-park often designed by a landscape designer. There are ornamental plants that require a minimum amount of care, or just watering and which will grow elegantly and nicely. There are also those that require constant attention to make the home park charming again.

In such a small „park” you can add a fountain, a tiny lake, place benches in shady places or even build a gazebo.

Simple, green space

Those who do not like a lot of plants and bushes or the garden work, often choose to just sow the grass in their garden. Here, unfortunately, you have to be prepared for frequent mowing, so that the lawn is well maintained and dense enough.

Vegetable garden at home

On the other hand, those who, even after work, cannot exist without some mind-setting and hands-on tasks, often decide to change their garden into a vegetable garden. Here, unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to get fresh fruit and vegetables. But - it is worth it, because nothing tastes as good as tomatoes or strawberries from your own garden.

Herbal Garden

Another suggestion for those who like to work in the garden. Maybe you should think about creating a herbal garden – this way you will get excellent food additives, natural remedies and, by the way, charming ornamental plants. Charming herbal garden can prove to be an extremely "aromatic" place of daily relaxation.


Author: Bien Magazine

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