Love at the first sight seldom turns into a durable relationship

Does love at the first sight really exist?

Love at the first sight is a very pleasant feeling. It gives you an impression that you’ve met somebody that fully understands you and that the connection between the two of you could survive the most difficult experiences. Your body goes insane. It releases the happiness hormones and your brain informs you about the start of a great adventure. The rest of the world ceases to exist and you consider this exact moment the one worth living for.

Unfortunately, scientists have defined this state as a mere explosion of desire, rather than a serious affection. Nevertheless, this might be a beginning of a true love in some cases.

Does love at the first sight help in creating a happy relationship?

Some scientists have confirmed that the first impression is crucial for interpersonal relations. Therefore, if an initial infatuation changes into a stable relationship, there is a chance that this will be based on a sincere attachment.

However, life has shown that there are many counter theories. They state that a relationship which is only fuelled by the first explosion of feelings usually ends rapidly and leaves both parties disappointed.

It may appear that a person you have fallen in love with is a complete stranger that you have nothing in common with. You were just connected by a hormone explosion, which was nothing more but a chemical reaction.

Love at the first sight may, but doesn’t have to, last

A true love is based on friendship, trust and faith that your partner will always be on your side. Such feeling is also about sacrificing a part of yourself, in order to live your life together.

All these things are difficult to find in the first affection, which is a result of hormones. Nevertheless, nobody said that you’re left with nothing once this infatuation has passed. Even despite being disappointed with the person you fell in love with, you’ll also have some pleasant memories. It may also appear that you will find an inner strength to fight for this relationship even harder.


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