Make your own dating code and stick to it regardless of the circumstances

The dating code, part 1

Many of those who go on dates have their own dating code. It has either been established a long time ago or develops after each date. Either way, such code is a set of rules that should not be broken under any circumstances. Why do people need this? Such code allows you to maintain your self-respect and prevents you from doing things you may regret. Here are a few words about what a dating code may look like.

Neutral ground

The first and basic rule of the dating code – the first date should take place on a neutral ground. This can be a café, a restaurant, basically any place filled with other people. This is vital for feeling secure, as well as for mental comfort. You never know who your date might appear to be and it’s better to remain cautious. You'll still have time for tete-a-tete meetings.

The same reason determines a time of ending a date. This shouldn’t be too late, so you don’t have to go back home alone at night. Ending a date at 6 PM sounds like a good idea. Besides, going home early can increase an appetite for seeing each other again.

Comfortable outfit

You should wear a comfortable outfit for your first date. Moreover, it shouldn’t be overly provocative and suggest that you’re open for sex on a first date… unless you actually are.

Your make-up should be delicate and moderate. Try to look as natural as possible.

You also shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. The fact that you don’t like your date's outfit, doesn’t mean that they don’t have an attractive personality. Some people need time to open themselves and show their true side.

Spontaneous chats and second chances

Your conversation should be natural. Don’t ever use phrases like “What would you like to know about me?” Nobody likes such questions.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t give up on a person if your first date was awkward. Many people feel intimidated when meeting somebody for the first time, so they may appear a little unnatural. Nevertheless, a second date may show them in a completely different light. So, it’s worth taking a risk and seeing each other again. Everybody has a part that’s worth discovering.

Don’t run away

If it appears that the second date is out of the question because the other person is completely not your type, don’t say you have to go home to turn off the boiling soup. Everybody will know you’re bluffing. This person is a human being too and you may hurt their feelings. Therefore, wait until the date is over and then tell them that this isn't going to work out.

Don’t be late

One more rule – don’t be late. This is simply rude and shows the other person that you don’t treat them seriously.

Nevertheless, there are times that you may be late because of different reasons. Therefore, it’s vital to exchange phone numbers before the first date. If anything happens, you can inform your date that you’re going to be late. A phone number is also important because you may pass your date by a few times at the place where you were supposed to meet. This refers to people who use online dating websites. Sometimes it may appear that your date has posted their photo from five years ago and now you can’t recognise them.


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