Women's magazines online advise on a new date idea - date in a tree house

Date in the tree house

Many may consider this idea complete nonsense. Two adults pushed into a tiny wooden house in which there is no room to move, in addition – which you have to climb up to using a ladder or tree branches?! For some, this vision is not acceptable, for others - those unique date ideas are a nice moment allowing them to feel like children again.

Date on a tree requires prior investigation

We write about it here, as we warn in various articles concerning dates of the genre a little crazy. Not every woman will find this idea nice, not everyone will want to climb a tree. Therefore gently suss out your partner before you invite her on such a date.

Do not be deceived by appearances – the fact that your chosen one walks in high heels every day, dressed in silks, takes care of her intricate hairstyle, does not mean that she will not feel like spending a fun afternoon in a tree house.

Nevertheless - it's definitely worth to carefully examine the condition of the tree  house, you do not want to find out that the floor has been rotten for a long time, and bark beetles devoured the roof.

How to spend a nice time in a tree house

Here much depends on your ingenuity. You can, for example bring the computer with you and show your woman childhood photos. You can also ask her to bring her photos. Looking at yourselves from the old days at the time of your childhood, can be a quite memorable experience.

You can play an old, favourite board game, or cards, look for ghosts (if the date is in the evening), and reminisce about the most insane, youthful tricks. The tree house will certainly provoke a lot of nice memories. A story about childhood is one of the most successful dating topics.

What to eat?

Here much depends on your imagination, to some extent, perhaps also on the condition of the tree house. If it is elegant, renovated by its owners, it might be worth getting a nice picnic basket with different delicacies? If the tree house’s climate refers to the childhood, suggest a sweet date - buy all sorts of colourful sweets and lollipops (some definitely in the shape of a heart).


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