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How to prevent stressful situations, part 2

In the first article on the prevention of stressful situations we described mechanisms that cause fear and most basic methods to suppress it. In this section, in turn, we will tell you how you can train your own body and mind to cope with stress and minimise it in your daily life, following our personal development tips.

Detect stressful situations and eliminate them – contacts with people

Firstly, determine in detail what stresses you out every day, what situations can knock you of balance, what spoils your day. There are probably many things. You might feel that your boss irritates you, because he is always right. The question is whether it is worth giving up a good job and decent money for this reason? If not, fix the problem differently. "Switch off" your hearing when the boss starts his tirade. Think about holidays, the pool or the upcoming weekend. Your face will have a nice smile on it (provoked by good thoughts), so the boss will not be cross that you are not listening. Finally he will stop talking and go to his office.

Consider whether it is worth to stress about his whining? Check who will lose out on this? He moaned and had fun with it, after 10 minutes probably forgot all about it and you all day "grind" the situation in your mind, considering different scenarios, your answers, which could not be said as they would harm your position. It is only you who is doing yourself harm. It is not worth the stress!

Detect stressful situations and eliminate them – the outside world

Also check how much you allow the outside world to stress you out. What we mean is the world does not stress you out, you're stressed out with it. Think how many times you got mad in the car when you came to a standstill in a traffic jam. It is not the fault of the world, that everyone left work at the same time. What will the anger in the car give you, pounding the steering wheel and coming up with the most disgusting insults? Doing you harm. Maybe there is another way home? Maybe longer, but not swamped? And a simple matter has been resolved - again, another reason to stress less.

Plan your day, and you will stress less

If a given situation ends badly, because you provoke it, do not blame the whole world and say that is stressing you out. For example - if you are constantly late for work because you get up too late and then rush to get into the office, then, sorry, it's only your fault that you have to stress. It's easy, get up earlier. If from your own fault and because of your disorganisation you are not able to pick up your child from a kindergarten and run the risk of wife’s excuses, then do not attack her as a revenge action and stress both sides. Try not to repeat it. It is known that random situations, which confuse plans, happen and there is little you can do about it. But if you have control over something, try to stick to it. Plan your day and anticipate what might stand in your way. Always, always, always determine some logical margin of time, which you can use when something actually delays you. You will save yourself and loved ones a lot of stress.Planning helps us make a lot less mistakes, because we know what to do. And we also have a rough idea how much time we will need to do something.


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