personal development top tips - every person has many talents – the art is in finding and caring for them

Discover your talents

Every human being has a group of different talents. It is down to the person, their curiosity, behaviours and time spent on developing themselves when they will discover them and to what degree they will be able to master and strengthen them. Afterwards, they will reap the rewards –financial too. We need to say that there is nothing better than work which utilises your talents. You can’t not love work like this. It doesn’t bore you and brings a lot of satisfaction. Here some advice from best personal development books and mentors.

When talents “disappear”

I’m sure many of us remember with nostalgia how many years have passed since as a small child or a teenager growing up, just how creative we were. We danced, sang, drew, recited, acted, played sport, dabbled with electronic items and wrote poems. We were interested in the whole world and it seemed that we were good at everything. Then, surprisingly, when we grew into adults, we acquired uninteresting and uninspiring duties; our talents got lost somewhere and disappeared. Unfortunately, in the case of millions of people, their parents didn’t make sure that the talents kept developing. Sometimes they didn’t see them or ignored them; asking children to be good at something that completely disinterested them. This is how the talents “disappear”.

How to find your “lost” talent

Let it be everyone’s relief that their talent was not lost forever. It is hidden somewhere deep down, there is a chance to get back to it and discover it again. This can be a very interesting and creative experience, because as an adult it is easier to understand, use and form the talents then when being a child or path finding teenager.

Many adults admit they discovered their talents very late. Someone who was a teacher, which they didn’t enjoy, turned out to be a great sushi master, because in the past, by accident, ended up in a sushi bar and became fascinated with the idea of beautifully presenting food.

How to discover talents?

Sometimes an accident helps. Sometimes the talent is worked on and finds a good ground where it can develop. There are also people who only discover their talent by having courage to make a seemingly crazy and brave step – examples can be found in many famous actors.

The only think that needs to be done is to open ourselves to our possibilities. We need to see what makes us happy and what comes to us easier than others. This will definitely be a talent which is worth fighting for.


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